Youth Scholarships

Now Accepting Applicants!

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To apply, please write a short essay under 350 words answering the following:

Include name, birth date, phone, email

1) Please describe a goal you have and the actions you are taking or will take to achieve it.
2) How might our martial arts mentor program help you in life?
3) Please include anything else that you would like for us to consider.

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To provide mentorship and a support system in a safe after-school environment for youth through teaching martial arts, developing life skills, and rewarding their hard work. We want to empower our young leaders with the tools they need for success and prevent their engagement in trouble-making, drugs, and violence.

Program Goals

1) To promote physical fitness, health, martial arts, and competitive spirit
2) To foster respect toward self and others
3) To develop work-ethic, self-reliance, and responsibility


Our Team


Joey Rivera
Nicole Rivera
apex mma, mma tucson
apex mma, mma tucson
Mr. Joey Rivera is the Founder, Head Coach, Regional Certified USA Judo and USA Boxing Coach, Black belt in Kajukenbo and Judo, Brown Belt in Brazilian Ju Jitsu, and Professional Athlete at APEX Mixed Martial Arts.  Joey is also a USA Judo National Champion, IBJJF National Champion, WFF and CFFC Champion, among many other achievements in his martial arts career. Joey has trained many world-class professional competitors and champions, and focuses on mental preparation and goal-setting.
Ms. Nicole Rivera is a Founder, Business Manager, and Competitor at Apex Mixed Martial Arts. She is undefeated in MMA, and also has competed in Judo, Grappling, Muay Thai, and fitness competitions. She is a former financial analyst and accountant at Raytheon Company, former President of Professional Women in Business Association, and holds a BSBA in Finance from University of Arizona.
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“Thank you” to our sponsors:

Elite Clinical Network

AMT Auto Sales

Illegal Pete’s

George Roop

Cummings Plumbing

Putney’s Pitstop Bar and Grill

Bangkok Cafe

 Criteria and Eligibility

1) Grades, attendance, and behavior at school – report card checks, teacher notes
2) Great behavior at home – parent checks
3) Attendance and involvement at Apex MMA

** Specifics can be set forth by sponsor **


Scholarship Recipients

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apex mma, youth mma classes tucson, youth scholarships tucson, mma tucson

Estrella has been a martial artist with the APEX team for over 4 years, was our highest ranked young female, and was promoted to a Kids Class assistant. She is also a NAGA grappling tournament and high school wrestling competitor, as well as an honor roll member.

Jose has been a martial artist with the APEX team since 6 years old. At 11, he became an Apex Assistant Coach, and at 12 our first junior black belt. He is an honor roll student, Muay Thai fighter, 2X Expert Champion in NAGA grappling tournaments, Judo champion, and a champion wrestler on varsity as a freshman.  
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Kids Who Attend APEX MMA Classes Can Gain:

Peer pressure avoidance skills
Self defense skills
A healthy lifestyle
Self esteem
Focus and concentration
Social skills
Mental toughness
Eye contact
Self-respect and respect for others
Teamwork skills
Anger management
Better behavior

What Does A Sponsored Child Receive?

    • Unlimited after-school classes at APEX MMA (Kids MMA, Ju Jitsu, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Intro Boxing, Yoga)
    • White belt and advancement (Kids MMA participants)
    • Boxing gloves
    • Unlimited use of fitness equipment and weight room (ages 14+)
    • Mentoring, goal-setting, and improvement evaluations
    • Fun and community activity opportunities with mentors and team

    Looking To Sponsor A Child In Tucson Arizona?

    Only $299 For 3 months of sponsorship

  • Only $479 For 6 months of sponsorship

  • Only $750 For 1 year of sponsorship

OR any amount you'd like to contribute toward memberships, equipment, or tournament costs for the kids!

In addition to helping our local kids, you will receive advertising exposure via our website, social media, and events! Please call Nicole, Program Coordinator (520)344-4842 for details or email Please make checks payable to "Apex MMA".

Help us make a positive impact on a child's life in Tucson, AZ today!