What does Apex offer?

We offer Kids (6-13) and Adult classes (14+) and Personal Training in various styles of martial arts, and we specialize in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. We offer Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, HIIT & Kick, Yoga, Judo, Kids MMA, and Grappling. We train beginners looking for an awesome “un-boring” workout while learning useful combative techniques, as well as professional fighters and athletes. We also have a cardio and weight training area.

What’s inside the facility?

Please check out our Virtual Tour. Our facility includes a 20-foot boxing ring, Hexagon Cage, Fairtex and specialty bags, large mat space, weight machines, free weights, two large restrooms/changing rooms, cardio equipment, and more.

I’m a beginner, what classes can I take?

For adults, we welcome beginners into most classes, but we have certain classes that are specifically designed for beginners. We have a 1-hour “Intro-Class” which is instructional and goes over all the basics you will need in other classes. We also have a 30-minute class called “HIIT & Kick” which will give you a great workout, but involve less technique so you can follow along more easily. If these class times don’t work for you, you can still join our other classes. Kids classes are all levels.

Can I try it out before enrolling?

Yes, on our “Classes” page you can register for a free trial class.

What will I need in class?

To start, for HIIT & Kick and other striking-based classes, you will use gloves, but you can still try a class without them. For grappling, we recommend a mouthguard if you participate in “rolling live.”

What do I wear?

For most classes, fitted, flexible clothing is suggested. Bare feet, clean socks, or indoor wrestling/boxing shoes are allowed on mats. We require that grapplers wear clean, fitted clothing that covers armpits and chest, remove any piercings, and cover any skin openings (such as a scratch). Judo class requires our team uniform, however we can lend you a uniform for a trial upon request. Kids MMA dress-code is a white shirt.

Do you sell gear?

We sell gloves, wraps, jump ropes, mouthguards, apparel, sparring equipment, and we are also a retailer for various brands like Hayabusa, Combat Sports, Title, and more. If we don’t carry something you need, we can also order it for you and can suggest gear based on your budget.

I want to fight/compete…how do I get started?

We have many fighters, Champions, and competitors in various combat sports, many of whom are listed on our “Team” page. We suggest getting consistent with your training, and letting the Coach know your interests so we can gear your training toward this goal and notify you of opportunities.

What will happen if there is a local/national emergency?

We always communicate urgent news on our Facebook page. We plan to continue to offer classes behind Apex outside as well as livestream classes, plus our pre-recorded class library for all members. We will address special requests and circumstances on a case-by-case basis.